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CoolSculpting Creates One-stop Shop for Marketing Assets Worldwide

CoolSculpting Creates One-stop Shop for Marketing Assets Worldwide

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CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq® is a non-surgical fat-reduction treatment which uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is available from over 3500 physicians in the United States and found in 60 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

The CoolSculpting marketing team supports a wide distribution network from sales reps and physicians, to dermatologists and office administrators, all of whom require marketing assets that speak to their target audience in order to drive business. Local offices preferred to show their own “before and after” results as well as gender specific treatments in their marketing materials.

Providing custom assets for this large network became a challenge and the marketing team often found that end users were creating their own “unique” ads and brochures. These off-brand materials floating around the marketplace were detrimental to CoolSculpting’s overall brand.

Being in the healthcare industry presented another set of challenges: varying government regulatory requirements per country. Marketing assets needed to be compliant with constantly changing regulations or the company could face heavy fines.

They realized they needed a way to provide their users with exactly the marketing assets they wanted, while still being able to enforce brand standards and stay within compliance.

Why MarcomCentral

Coolsculpting’s marketing team began searching for a one-stop shop marketing solution that could be easily accessed by end users and simply managed internally. As a global brand, CoolSculpting was drawn to MarcomCentral’s support for multiple languages. When a government agency made a change to compliance regulations, marketing would be able to update assets quickly in the appropriate language and deliver to that region all from a single system.

MarcomCentral was selected as the new solution because of these reasons and also provided CoolSculpting with unexpected features like single sign-on (SSO) and an integration with Salesforce which would further simplify the end user experience.

The Results Speak for Themselves

CoolSculpting launched their new marketing portal in 10 languages and now has over 4300 users worldwide. Assets available in the portal are now 100% brand compliant yet can be personalized through a template based program making both the marketing team and end users happy.

“The value of adding MarcomCentral as our marketing asset management system has been huge”, explained by Wendy Suljak, Director of Practice Marketing, CoolSculpting. “It’s a true one-stop shop that’s easy to access by our end users, easy for my team to manage, and overall has saved us a lot of time.”

Marketing is able to track the early success or failure of campaigns through the analytics feature in MarcomCentral by seeing what assets are getting the most and least engagement with end users worldwide. Through instant reporting, adjustments can be made based on these findings to cut poor performers and optimize positive impact in the market.

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