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Customize Marketing Assets

Implementing a marketing tool that allows access to your branded assets and easy template-based customization can help reduce one-off requests and free up valuable creative time.

Personalized Marketing

Eliminate One-Off Requests

Creating customized one-off marketing pieces can be time consuming and inefficient. MarcomCentral Enterprise Edition houses branded rule-based templates and gives your team the power to create localized pieces they need on the fly. MarcomCentral reduces one-off requests and gives valuable time back to your marketing team.

Access to Branded Assets

Without quick access to marketing materials they need, your team may resort to getting in touch with their creative side. Cloud-based portals gives real-time, anywhere permission-based access to the latest branded and approved materials so you don’t have to worry anymore about the whimsical clip art, the 1998 logo, or any of the evolving legal and compliance policies. Brand control without the fuss.

Marketing Portal
Marketing Asset Portal

Localize Your Marketing

We know that personalization increases engagement. They know their market best, so give them power to create localized marketing materials when and how they need it. With the ability to choose their own distribution path, your reps in the field pick from download, email, or print . . . whatever their situation brings.

Explore the Solution

Learn how MarcomCentral Enterprise Edition makes it easy to deliver your latest marketing assets from emails and custom HTML to brochures and signage.