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JobDirect Plus

JobDirect Plus

JobDirect® Plus brings a modern overhaul to ad hoc job submission, empowering print service providers and in-plant departments with a seamless way for their end customers to create engaging, customized print collateral while bringing greater efficiency and integration within your print production workflow.

Your Capabilities at Their Fingertips

This easy-to-use product helps translate production capabilities directly to the customer, enabling print jobs to flow from desktop customer submission through a fully automated print production path with no user intervention required. JobDirect Plus is highly configurable – the online application can be customized to reflect the specific capabilities of your print facility and integrate with your existing production technology to drive a fully automated process. Customers can visually build their products, specifying an array of features and finishing options, preview their selections, and submit online.

Upgrade to the Digital Age

JobDirect Plus boasts a sleek and contemporary User Interface (UI), providing an easy and intuitive way for customers to quickly and accurately interact with their print service provider. The front-end framework brings your operations into the digital age with a responsive and touch-friendly design. This modern UI brings greater power and functionality to on-the-fly job submission and allows for greater customization for end user branding.

Scalability that Helps You Grow

JobDirect Plus is thoughtfully engineered as both a stand-alone online submission tool or as an add-on to the MarcomCentral Web-to-Print product, offering a flexible and competitive way to build new revenue streams as the need arises.  Print providers can launch a customer-facing online ordering process with JobDirect Plus and scale as customer needs, and their own needs, grow.  Integration with the MarcomCentral family of products brings value-add services like variable data publishing, brand control, email marketing, sales enablement, analytics and more.

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