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MarcomCentral Launches Partner Program for Digital Asset Management Solution, MarcomGather

October 26, 2021
MarcomCentral Launches Partner Program for Digital Asset Management Solution, MarcomGather

[Solana Beach, CA, October 27, 2021] MarcomCentral®, a leader in the brand management industry, today announced the launch of their channel Partner Program. The new Partner Program provides resellers with a clear path to upgrade their client’s disparate file storage systems to a modern, cost-effective digital asset management solution (DAM).

“MarcomCentral’s Partner Program expands on our longstanding relationship with service providers and tackles the growing need for an easy-to-use DAM platform like MarcomGather™,” said Byung Choi, CEO at MarcomCentral. “We see big potential for this program to drive revenue for our partners and value for their customers. We’re looking forward to welcoming new partners as we, ourselves continue to grow.”

MarcomGather is an intuitive DAM that gives clients a modern, efficient way to centralize, organize, and share their digital assets across the organization. Some common use cases for a DAM are centralizing campaign materials, easily sharing sales collateral, and storing trusted, on-brand files that are all easily searchable by anyone in the organization.

MarcomGather’s streamlined features include:

  • Unlimited user accounts and file collections
  • Sharing made simple with Lightboxes and expiring links
  • Analytics to view performance metrics about file usage and users
  • More reliable than sending groups of files via FTP or email
  • No software to update or maintain – MarcomGather is software in the cloud
  • Works with the majority of file types
  • Setup is fast – many customers start using DAM immediately

MarcomCentral is offering referral and partnership incentive plans. If you are interested in joining the Partner Program, learn more here.

About MarcomCentral

MarcomCentral® is a leading provider of Brand Management solutions for marketing teams everywhere. MarcomCentral’s solutions organize, customize, and share marketing and sales materials across entire organizations, enabling brand control and asset distribution with anytime, anywhere access. Businesses of all sizes count on MarcomCentral’s powerful platforms to simplify their file storage systems, scale their marketing efforts, and build their brands worldwide.