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Local Marketing for Franchises: What Works in 2022

August 09, 2022
Local Marketing for Franchises: What Works in 2022

Marketing is constantly changing and is not making it easier for large franchise organizations dealing with multiple locations and sales channels. Franchise owners must keep up with these emerging trends while navigating a challenging and competitive market. 

We understand how difficult this can be for both owners and the corporations offering support. That’s why we’ve created this guide on local marketing for franchises in 2022.

What Is Local Marketing for Franchises?

Local marketing for franchises is the collection of methods, tools, and channels used to reach local target markets and deliver custom-tailored marketing messages that can potentially drive sales for that specific franchise location and the parent company.

The idea is to reach people within a certain geographical area, understand the audience, then turn them into customers.

Local marketing is especially important to franchisors. The techniques in local marketing have been created for companies with physical locations within a community. Franchises fit in that mold. These local businesses need local recognition to succeed.

Local Marketing for Franchises: What You Need to Know in 2022

Let’s dig a little deeper into local marketing by looking at things that are working for other brands. Here’s an example: When fast food franchises open in cities with professional or college sports teams, they almost always form marketing partnerships with those teams. 

They create online engagement and drive foot traffic by:

  • Creating special menu items to celebrate the local team
  • Offering giveaways if the local team wins or reaches a particular goal
  • Sponsoring seating boxes at local stadiums
  • Building social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram) around sports team partnerships

Successful franchisees can do these things because they analyze the local community and business ecosystem. They become familiar with community values and outreach opportunities and know what local competitors are doing to achieve their marketing goals.

Which Marketing Channels Are Most Effective for Franchise Locations?

The reality is the best channels for marketing are constantly changing. For example, brands use TikTok to reach audiences when the platform wasn’t widely used just two years ago. 

Additionally, franchise owners must consider marketing channels that allow them to reach local community members specifically. In 2022, your franchise should be using the following channels:

  • Dedicated social media pages for local franchises
  • In-store marketing
  • Local radio and television
  • Print advertising
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Billboards
  • Local directories
  • Events
  • Email

To be clear, every franchisee won’t use all of the channels. However, most will get the best results by using various media to reach audience members.

How to Best Support Franchise Locations with Marketing

Ideally, franchisees won’t have to navigate local marketing alone. They should have support and resources from corporate to ensure they are successful. This support should include:

  • Adequate marketing training
  • Access to brand assets to maintain marketing consistency
  • Building localized pay-per-click and media buying strategies
  • Help connecting with preferred vendors
  • Clear guidelines that are channel specific
The last element of support that franchisees need is autonomy. Owners are often community members who have a deeper understanding of the target audience than marketing department leads at the company headquarters. Where possible, they should be allowed to create and execute local campaigns while staying compliant with the organization’s brand platform.

Staying Ahead with Local Marketing Tools for Franchises

Local marketing tools for franchises can help owners automate the process of local marketing. This automation leaves them with more time and resources to dedicate to store operations and other tasks.

List of Local Marketing Tools for Franchises

These local marketing tools can help franchisees achieve their marketing goals in 2022:

Such tools — and others — will facilitate owners in tackling critical marketing tasks and getting the exposure they need to get online and foot traffic.

Takeaway: Build a Successful Franchise Marketing Strategy in 2022

Like in other years, franchise owners must stay on top of social media marketing trends and identify new channels and marketing opportunities. 

Additionally, successful local marketing requires understanding audience behaviors and achieving a balance between branding consistency and creative autonomy. Both are necessary to connect with local customers. 

Finally, franchisees need access to a suite of the right marketing tools. These help local campaigns succeed while leaving time and resources for operations, sales, and hiring.