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Connect with Marketo to create customized email campaigns right inside MarcomCentral
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Empower Sales Teams to Send Pre-Approved Templates

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Schedule Email Sends for Deployment via Marketo

Our MarcomCentral and Marketo integration helps your marketing team create email campaigns right inside Marketo for other teams to access inside MarcomCentral. Empower sales teams, field teams, or locations with email campaigns that they can customize for their specific audience. Create steps to proof the email, schedule email sends, and create amazing customized email campaigns direct in MarcomCentral.

Integrations That Work Across Industries

Finance Finance


Compliance and easy asset distribution for financial institutions.
Retail Retail


Quickly distribute the materials needed to improve customers’ shopping experiences.
Manufacturing Manufacturing


Compliant and quickly distributed manufacturing assets and files.
Healthcare Healthcare


From large hospitals to individual clinics - healthcare brand management made easy.

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