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Integrate your tech stack seamlessly into MarcomCentral, supercharging platforms that are key to your workflow and centralizing access to brand assets and collateral for your employees.

Marcom Integrations



Connect with HubSpot to strengthen the tech and flow assets used in email campaign and landing pages in one centralized location.

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Create and customize an email campaign directly inside MarcomCentral, alleviating the need to share access to your corporate Marketo instance or create additional logins for sales.

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Oracle Marketing Cloud

Access corporate email campaigns within MarcomCentral, then customize predetermined fields so they distribute more personalized messaging through seamless automation.

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Work concurrently within Salesforce to pull key customer data that dynamically imports into your MarcomCentral portal to create targeted marketing assets directly from the Salesforce platform.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Customize, execute, and track on-demand email campaigns inside the MarcomCentral portal that can be accessed within your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance in real time.


Access MarcomCentral assets directly from the media gallery to support building websites efficiently.

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Microsoft Word

Enhance your document creation with MarcomCentral’s integration with Microsoft Word. Maintain your brand standards and amplify your message by simplifying document design for impactful communication.

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MarcomCentral’s integration with Microsoft PowerPoint empowers users to access and customize templates effortlessly. This synergy accelerates content creation, preserves brand identity, and facilitates dynamic presentations that leave a lasting impact.

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Adobe Creative Suite

Integrate Adobe Creative Suite with MarcomCentral to streamline your creative process and enhance asset distribution. Design with powerful tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, then directly upload your creations to MarcomCentral. This seamless connection ensures brand consistency and simplifies the management of digital assets across all channels, making it easy to share updated materials instantly with teams and stakeholders worldwide.

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