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MarcomCentral Adds Advanced Features for Simplified Marketing Asset Management Experience

January 27, 2016
MarcomCentral Adds Advanced Features for Simplified Marketing Asset Management Experience

Solana Beach, CA – January 27, 2016 MarcomCentral, a leading provider of cloud-based Marketing Asset Management and Variable Data Publishing solutions, today announced the release of new features designed to simplify the time-consuming day-to-day tasks for marketing professionals. The following: File Format Converter, Advanced Search, and updated Birst Analytics User Interface, give MarcomCentral customers the most advanced feature set to easily manage company-wide marketing assets.

“As our business continues to grow and expand we recognize that our technology must scale appropriately to meet the needs of both small and large customers across a number of vertical markets,” explained Coleman Kane, President & CEO, MarcomCentral. “Our agile software development approach enables us to adjust quickly to the shifts in the market and meet our customer needs.”
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Search is one of the most important ways customers use MarcomCentral today which is why the development team built functionality that would mirror the most common search engines used on the web today.  The new advanced search feature provides users the ability to instantly search the entire database of assets, saving huge amounts of time.  Users can now search based on: keywords, asset name, asset ID, asset description, and SKUs. The search results can then be sorted by relevance, alphabetical order, and price and also filter by custom defined facets, newly added assets, or updated assets within the last 30 days.

“We know our customers have tons of assets in their marketing portals and we wanted to create ‘Amazon like’ search functionality for them to locate an asset instantly,” stated Dan Kellett, CTO, MarcomCentral. “Navigation and searching is such a frustrating part of traditional asset management systems; we wanted to ensure our customers have a much better experience.”

The File Format Converter was designed for organizations that require DAM (digital asset management)-like functionality and a reduced time to market.  This built-in automated tool easily allows an administrator to upload a single file type and then auto-converts it to a variety of graphic file formats including: PDF, PNG, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF.  The self-service model significantly reduces lead time in receiving a file in multiple file formats- it’s now instant.

Analytics give today’s marketers the ability to measure and account for every dollar spent as well as measure the effectiveness of their activities.  MarcomCentral’s Birst Business Intelligence with new user interface provides an integrated, holistic view into the performance of marketing assets within your MarcomCentral marketing portal.  Organizations can simply see what assets are being used at a global, national and local level, how often they’re downloaded, and how they are being customized.  This powerful integration allows customers to access critical data they need to make intelligent business decisions.

Other features now generally available include multiple payment methods for a single order (Purchase Order or credit card), flat rate shipping, order approver rules, and digital delivery of multiple formats as selected by the user (zip folder, PNG, PDF- low and high res, JPEG).

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