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New FusionPro® 10 Updates Keep Pace with Customer Needs

August 02, 2016
New FusionPro® 10 Updates Keep Pace with Customer Needs

Solana Beach, CA – August 02, 2016 MarcomCentral®, a leading provider of cloud-based Marketing Asset Management and Variable Data Publishing (VDP) solutions, today announced the release of FusionPro® 10, bringing new power and usable features to the industry leading VDP software solution. With over 52,000 installations worldwide and over 20 million print jobs produced in the past year, this popular technology has been thoughtfully overhauled to make VDP document creation intuitive and effortless.

Since its initial conception in 1998, MarcomCentral has continually developed FusionPro to remain one of the most flexible and capable VDP technologies available to service providers. Now in its tenth iteration, the major enhancements to FusionPro 10 include improvements to design capabilities, data integration, and workflow efficiencies.

FusionPro 10 now brings greater flexibility to the design process from initial creation through final output.  “We’ve enhanced FusionPro to reflect the use cases our customers encounter on a daily basis. The need for a highly functional VDP tool that offers speed, scalability, and solves more production challenges drove the improvements to FusionPro 10,” said Coleman Kane, President and CEO of MarcomCentral.

For Adobe® Creative Cloud® users, FusionPro 10 brings a better appearance and streamlined support for Acrobat® DC and improved InDesign® support.  FusionPro’s popular flexibility stems from the ability to turn any PDF a live variable document through the Acrobat® plug-in, but for design-savvy users, new features provide greater compatibility within InDesign so design and layout translate seamlessly during output.  A new Custom Clipping Path feature provides more flexibility with image creation, allowing users to easily manipulate and overlap images and add or move control points to make nearly any shape.

As marketing channels expand, creating ads in a variety of sizes, output formats, and file configurations for various mediums like print, mobile and web has become a time consuming task. FusionPro now alleviates this challenge with new Ad Resizing capabilities that provide greater versatility in creating multiple ads or documents from a single design source. Users can specify dimensions and FusionPro automatically re‐arranges elements on the pages to accommodate the differences, reducing the amount of design time it would take to create individual ads for each channels’ specifications.  New Multi-page Layout Management capabilities allow users to quickly adapt documents to fit any page range for production specifications with the ability to add filler pages and control the total length of the document.

With more businesses expanding their global presence, FusionPro supports an extensive set of international languages with left to right typesetting capabilities. The new version includes the addition of Hindi to our 30+ global languages, as well as vertical typesetting necessary for several Asian languages.

FusionPro 10 also includes enhancements to data integration, vastly improving functionality and processing time especially in the case of transactional statements. “FusionPro has always supported statement printing, but we’ve seen a large amount of growth in this area for service providers,” said Douglas Cogan, Vice President of VDP Technology for MarcomCentral, “It was crucial we refocus engineering in this area to provide intuitive features, increased production speeds, and improved automation to truly handle the sophisticated data requirements necessary for transactional documents.”

Improved support for Microsoft® Excel® gives users powerful capabilities in creating data-rich documents from one of the most widely used data platforms today.  New Multi-line Record Support provides more flexibility with importing multiple lines of data into a single variable field and reads in a variety of input formats including line data.

For users who require high volume, automated VDP composition, FusionPro 10 also includes upgrades to workflow efficiencies within the FusionPro Server product (custom API workflows), designed to expedite processing and production of VDP jobs. The new Ganged Imposition System allows you to run multiple jobs in a single output as well as impose intermingled jobs in the appropriate sort order to reduce production and postal costs. An improved Watch Folder System can be set up to watch a set of hot folders for input, executing composition against a specified template for each folder when files are dropped in. New features minimize the number of folders and perform specific actions based on the data provided. Multiple compositions can be launched against the data provided, so if the data is to be archived, printed, or emailed, there will be a composition for each different destination.

“FusionPro is a fundamental solution in our product offering. We’ve been developing this software for over 18 years to ensure FusionPro can handle the most intricate VDP tasks as customer needs become more complex and personalization becomes key to successful marketing. This new version gives print providers a competitive edge in offering innovative VDP solutions to their end customers in a cost effective way,” said Kane.

For a complete list of features and functionality included in the release of FusionPro® 10.

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