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MarcomCentral Adds Oracle Eloqua Integration to its Product Offering

August 30, 2016
MarcomCentral Adds Oracle Eloqua Integration to its Product Offering

Solana Beach, CA – August 30, 2016 MarcomCentral®, a leading provider of cloud-based Marketing Asset Management and Variable Data Publishing solutions, today announced an integration with Oracle® Eloqua, the popular marketing automation system.  This new integration allows MarcomCentral customers to connect with Oracle Eloqua for seamless development and distribution of email marketing campaigns throughout their organization.

With Oracle Eloqua connected to MarcomCentral, users can quickly access the latest corporate marketing emails to use in their local markets.  In conjunction with the Salesforce® integration, an individual can upload a targeted list from Salesforce, select a corporate branded email, and send to that list via Oracle Eloqua all through the MarcomCentral portal.  Results from an email send are linked directly back to a Salesforce account providing a single view of an account’s activity.

“We’re pleased to add Oracle Eloqua to our growing list of integration partners,” explained Coleman Kane, President & CEO, MarcomCentral.  “Many of our customers use Oracle Eloqua as their marketing automation system of record, and now with our integration, the strength of automation is extended to many departments, like sales, to enable access to branded marketing that supports revenue growth.”

Email marketing campaigns provided to field teams, like franchisees, sales, channel partners, distributors, or branch offices are able to be edited through MarcomCentral’s template function, which enables those teams to customize messaging that fits a local market.  Corporate marketing departments are assured that emails remain on brand and local users are able to personalize those emails to fit their target market as needed.

 “When we begin brainstorming new features to add to MarcomCentral, we ask ourselves, how can we provide value to our customers?” stated Seny Sengupta, VP of Engineering, MarcomCentral.  “With the Oracle Eloqua integration, we are giving our customers centralized control and distributed access to marketing automation functionality in a one-stop shop that is crucial for busy marketing departments.”

The Oracle Eloqua integration will be generally available mid October 2016.  Pricing will be available at that time. To learn more about the integration click here.  For inquiries please contact:

About Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua enables marketers to plan and execute campaigns while delivering a personalized customer experience for their prospects. Campaigns greatly scale for audiences across channels including email, display search, video, and mobile. With integrated lead management and easy campaign creation, our solution helps marketers engage the right audience at the right time in their buyer’s journey.

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