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MarcomCentral Launches Groundbreaking Powerpoint Personalization Over The Cloud

May 23, 2013
MarcomCentral Launches Groundbreaking Powerpoint Personalization Over The Cloud

Solana Beach, CA – May 23, 2013 – MarcomCentral®, a leading marketing asset management and distributed marketing solution by PTI Marketing Technologies® Inc., announced the addition of PowerPoint to its set of dynamic marketing assets that utilize an organization’s corporate templates, pre-approved content and intelligent rules to produce personalized marketing pieces. The new PowerPoint functionality allows an organization’s marketing group to control the text, images, layout, and branding of PowerPoint presentations across the entire organization with intelligent versioning. Customization can be based upon vertical, product interest, demographic or behavioral data to produce hyper-relevant content. Sales teams, channel marketers and field marketers can effortlessly create unique one-on-one customer experiences that adhere to all corporate brand standards.

“Off-brand PowerPoint presentations have always been the nemesis of the corporate marketer,” says Dustin Ritter, Vice President of Marketing at PTI Marketing Technologies. “The new functionality eliminates rogue slide decks and provides brand integrity across the entire enterprise organization. The value of this cannot be understated, and marketers have responded enthusiastically.” “We are thrilled with the initial feedback,” says Coleman Kane, CEO & President of PTI Marketing Technologies. “Clients are extremely excited to eliminate stretched images, whimsical fonts, off-message slides and to take back brand control. They know this is a game changer for their organization, and we’re happy to bring it to market.” Beyond hosting and distributing marketing assets, MarcomCentral is an online portal that acts as a marketing resource center or marketing intranet where brand guidelines, video tutorials and other information can be accessed. To schedule a personal demonstration of MarcomCentral visit or call 800.220.1727.