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Oracle Marketing Cloud

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Deliver customized emails to the exact right audience with MarcomCentral and Oracle: Marketing Cloud
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Configure Email in Oracle Marketing Cloud

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Connect with MarcomCentral and select customizable fields

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Upload a list of recipients with custom info to create fully bespoke emails

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Send directly in MarcomCentral – no need to login to Oracle!

With the MarcomCentral and Oracle Marketing Cloud integration, your sales team members can initiate customized emails directly from MarcomCentral to be send through Oracle. Simply connect the platforms together and map your customizable fields. Your sender can then upload a list of prospects to send – along with customized data. MarcomCentral takes that data and creates custom emails for every prospect. These are ready to send but can be tested beforehand by reviewing the proof email. Once reviewed and approved – Marcom triggers the send via Oracle Marketing cloud, making it easy for marketing to manage, and sales to send!

Integrations That Work Across Industries

Hospitality Hospitality


Immediately updated marketing materials for an ever changing industry.
Finance Finance


Compliance and easy asset distribution for financial institutions.
Print Service Provider Print Service Provider

Print Service Provider

PSP's of all sizes leverage MarcomCentral to streamline fulfillment requests and boost customer experience.
Non-Profit Non-Profit


Save critical time with centralized brand management.

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