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Control Your Brand Assets from Creation to Print

Control Your Brand Assets from Creation to Print

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DaVita Kidney Care, a leader in quality dialysis care, employs over 70,000 people nationwide. With over 2,500 dialysis centers across the United States, each of these locations requires up to date branded marketing assets to serve their local market.

The Challenge

However, the marketing team responsible for supporting these 2,500 centers consists of just 3 people. That is a lot of territory for just 3 people to handle!

With such a high volume of requests, DaVita Kidney Care found that many field professionals were taking matters into their own hands and creating marketing assets on their own. This left the team with many off-brand, inconsistent assets that were not approved by the legal team – not ideal for any team trying to establish a corporate identity. The DaVita Kidney Care team needed to find an efficient way to enforce brand compliance with limited marketing resources.

Why MarcomCentral

Once they saw the inconsistency of their marketing assets across the board, the team realized they needed to leverage a tool that could help them easily regulate and distribute marketing assets to their 2,500 centers. Not only did this tool need to be easy to navigate, but it also needed to have a detailed reporting function, so they could see how assets were being used by centers across the country.

After evaluating 15 different companies, DaVita Kidney Care selected MarcomCentral because we were able to meet all their needs! Our teams worked closely together to create a portal which DaVita Kidney Care branded “Marketing on Demand” (MOD) that would centralize all their brand compliant marketing materials. The portal is easy for the field professionals to use and navigate, focuses on the company’s key objectives and includes a detailed reporting function. Additionally, the team took advantage of the Google Maps integration, so their field teams can easily update maps on marketing materials to reflect the DaVita Kidney Care dialysis centers in their area.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Today, MarcomCentral has streamlined and redefined the way that DaVita Kidney Care manages their marketing assets across the country. Enterprise wide, DaVita Kidney Care field professionals can quickly download and print the marketing assets they need on demand. Instead of 3 marketers managing all requests, their customized brand management software now has 2,600 average monthly users who download or print more than 1,600 unique pieces a month. This self-service model significantly increased the speed at which marketing reached end-users and reduced the burden of creation on the marketing team. The best part is, every single asset in Marketing on Demand portal is on brand and legal approved!