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Delta Vacations Saves on Printing Costs with MarcomCentral

Delta Vacations Saves on Printing Costs with MarcomCentral

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Previously spent on printing costs

According to the World Economic Forum, more people than ever before are travelling today—with 1.24 billion international arrivals in 2016, compared to 25 million in the 1950s. This uptick in the market has helped Delta Vacations grow, but in order to maintain their growth and continue to expand, they need to always be one step ahead of their competition.

The Challenge

With an in-house agency of only 30 people and over 3,000 projects to complete each year, “keeping up” was a serious problem for Delta Vacations. Their limited resources (people, time, and budget) were affecting the marketing department’s performance as a whole and they often found themselves unable to produce marketing materials fast enough for their distribution channels.

Sales continuously asked Marketing for new or customized materials, but Marketing had no solid insight into which materials were working and which were not, so they produced whatever Sales requested. This in turn caused the marketing team to be more reactive instead of proactive, limiting time spent on marketing strategy.

To top things off, print costs were exceeding yearly budgets and taking away from much needed resources for the company. They needed to find a way to control where their sales teams and partners printed materials, but didn’t know how or where to start.

Why They Chose MarcomCentral

Delta Vacations knew they needed a solution that would help them distribute a wide variety of marketing assets to both internal sales people and external customers, easily and efficiently. Before researching new software, they first put together a list of business requirements they felt would help their organization flourish. Ultimately, they wanted a product that was turnkey, easy-to-use & flexible, offered reporting, and could print-on-demand.

After finalizing their list of requirements, they began to search for a solution. When they found MarcomCentral, the team was thrilled. The cloud-based platform provided the team with everything they needed, plus they could personalize the platform to fit their brand and use MarcomCentral’s social media integration to grow their brand reach – an enhancement they didn’t even know they needed!

Now industry partners and travel agents could access customizable, corporate-approved assets in minutes, eliminating involvement from the marketing department. With this added time, marketing is able to proactively build their strategy instead of spending time reacting to last minute creative requests.

I was able to show a baseline and improvement in terms of productivity, efficiency, and the quality of the work. We’re able market Delta Vacations much more quickly using the tool.
– Colleen Phelan Director of Marketing Services

The Results Speak for Themselves

MarcomCentral has provided Delta Vacations with a level of control and flexibility that wasn’t previously possible. They have increased their brand awareness, overall reach, and their in-house agency can now spend more time on marketing and less time reacting to urgent requests.

Their budget has also improved! The sales team was previously spending close to $60K a year printing marketing materials at various locations. With MarcomCentral’s print-on-demand feature, the company has significantly reduced their printing spend. Plus, they now have a way of tracking spending so employees no longer use their corporate credit cards or personal expenses – a huge win for the finance department!

Speaking of ROI, senior leadership now has a better understanding of what marketing produces day in and day out with access to reporting features within MarcomCentral. This reporting has helped the team make more thoughtful business decisions and gives marketing a sense of what’s working – and what’s not.