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Johnson Financial Group Empowers Sales Team with Customized Marketing Templates

Johnson Financial Group Empowers Sales Team with Customized Marketing Templates

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Johnson Financial Group is the largest family owned financial services company in Wisconsin offering banking, wealth, and insurance services. They currently have 50 locations in Wisconsin and Arizona with roughly 1200 employees.

The Challenge

Before MarcomCentral, Johnson Financial Group’s Marketing team created a series of product flyer templates in order to support the Sales team. However, they repeatedly would receive requests to update these templates. They often needed to be updated with personal contact information or copy adjustments to better suit Sales’ target audiences. It was taking on average about 30 minutes to handle each of these one-off requests, not to mention the energy that was being taken away from other Marketing initiatives. As time went on, the Marketing team came to realize that they needed to find a solution that would empower their Sales team to customize Marketing materials on their own.

The Solution

Since bringing MarcomCentral on board in 2015, Johnson Financial Group’s Sales team is almost fully self-sufficient for their Marketing needs. The Marketing team eliminated one-off requests! Every time a Sales team member updates a flyer on their own, the Marketing team gets back 30 minutes of their time. This efficiency has allowed them to focus on larger initiatives. Additionally, every template on Johnson Financial’s portal has been approved by legal and compliance, so the team feels much more comfortable knowing all assets used by employees are fully brand compliant.

Johnson Financial is not only using MarcomCentral for Marketing assets but for company-wide documents as well. Every mortgage loan that goes through the organization uses the same template but requires significant customization for every transaction. With MarcomCentral, the template can be edited quickly, is legal compliant, and downloaded in an instant. Since 2017, this template has been downloaded and customized over 7,000 times. That is over 3,500 hours freed up for the Marketing team!

Moving Forward

Johnson Financial Group launched on MarcomCentral with 75 users, has since increased to 350, and they have plans to introduce the portal to their entire organization. Their next big goals are to track product usage and user activity – as well as onboarding 500 new users.