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Orlando Health Aims to Communicate, Protect and Build their Brand with MarcomCentral

Orlando Health Aims to Communicate, Protect and Build their Brand with MarcomCentral

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Orlando Health is a not-for-profit healthcare organization made up of a network of community and specialty hospitals, physician practices, and outpatient centers serving over 2 million residents in 4 counties. This diversified network of healthcare and businesses means there are many touchpoints with the Orlando Health brand. Over 15,000 employees, multiple vendors, and partners interact with the brand on a daily basis providing a great opportunity for brand growth and at the same time, brand erosion.

Our core goals are to communicate, protect, and build the brand,” stated Rod James, Brand Manager, Strategic Communications, Orlando Health. “We want to provide the foundation and resources to ensure the integrity of the Orlando Health brands by giving our network the tools they need to be successful while ensuring the brand is protected.

The Challenge

Before MarcomCentral, Orlando Health was inundated with many questions from partners on how to get the right marketing assets, where to find them, and what imagery to use. They would also see old marketing materials being used by partners and non-approved vendor participators coming up with their own imagery and copy. During yearly audits, Orlando Health collected thousands of old marketing assets to remove them from circulation. Without a centralized location to house branded marketing assets and no ability to offer partners a way to customize assets, the marketing team would spend a significant amount of time responding to one-off requests and delivering properly branded assets.

Orlando Health recognized that there was a better way to serve their network, while at the same time growing the brand. To achieve these goals, they needed a new solution that could be a single source for all branding efforts that included centralized marketing assets, templates with customization options, and anytime access for their network of users.

Why MarcomCentral

Using MarcomCentral, Orlando Health was able to implement a robust brand management strategy by developing brand guidelines, brand standards, asset libraries, a designer’s toolkit, copywriting guidelines, and ongoing training for vendors. These tools became the foundation for creating brand consistency and growth. Employees, vendors, and partners could now find all the information they needed in a single location, which allowed them to execute their own marketing activities on their schedule. MarcomCentral has provided Orlando Health with a level of control and accessibility to marketing that wasn’t previously possible through manual processes.

The Results Speak for Themselves

With MarcomCentral, Orlando Health reduced time to market with communications materials, reduced external expenses, increased staff productivity, and boosted brand integrity. After implementing MarcomCentral, Orlando Health’s creative services team of designers and writers was able to focus on big picture work instead of spending hours creating one time use pieces. Templates were designed thoughtfully to fit the needs of many users and for long term usage. “The marketing on-demand system allows our network to focus on the bigger projects, campaigns and concept work, rather than spending time trying to produce personalized assets,” explained James.

Search and Analytics functionality let Orlando Health track what users are looking for and what they’re downloading the most so Marketing can determine what to create and where to optimize campaigns. Assets with high engagement can be prioritized and enhanced over those with low engagement numbers.

Orlando Health now has peace of mind that their brand is being represented out in the community in a consistent manner. “Freedom with control” is the way James describes the new system. Through consistent branding, Orlando Health’s reputation continues to excel as the brand continues to grow.