MarcomCentral® Services: 

MarcomCentral Service Level accompanies the Terms and Conditions entered between you (“Customer”) and MarcomCentral.

Client Services 

a. Normal business hours are 8AM-5PM PST. Emergency after hour support can be obtained by calling either number. 

b. MarcomCentral shall provide a response time to all requests for support as described in tables in the following section. 

c. Onboarding Services for implementation or setup requests. They can be reached by telephone or email. Contact information for Onboarding Services provided in a separate document. 

d. Customer Support for requests related to general questions and unexpected system behavior. Customer Support can be contacted through provided support tools or by telephone. Customers are encouraged to submit requests via support tools provided, which allows for better issue tracking by Customer and by MarcomCentral. Alternate methods of contact are below:

US toll free: +1 800.220.1727  

Phone: +1 858.847.6600 

Note for Non-US customers: Response hours provided in this document are based on normal business hours at the MarcomCentral main office in Solana Beach, CA. If a question or issue requiring a response falls outside MarcomCentral normal business hours, the response time count will begin at the 8AM Pacific Time on the next business day. 

Client Services

General Support Questions

These are requests received by Customer Support. General Support questions include functionality questions, system configuration questions, and MarcomCentral programming questions. 

Initial Response TimeResponse with ClassificationResponse with Resolution Date
1-2 business days1-2 business daysFor general support questions the expected resolution date will typically be 3 to 4 business days from the receipt of response.

Customer Support – Unexpected Functionality Requests 

These are requests that are received by MarcomCentral Customer Support identified to be unexpected functionality of the product. 

Request LevelRequest ClassificationInitial Response TimeResponse with ClassificationResponse with Resolution or Targeted Release
1Critical4 hours1 business dayEnd of next business day (Normally a resolution)
2High1 business day1 business day5 business days (Normally a target release)
3Medium1-2 business days1-2 business days10 business days (may not include a target release)

Initial Response Time

The time MarcomCentral will email or call to acknowledge receipt of the request. The email notification may be automated.

Response Classification

The time MarcomCentral will confirm the level of the request and provide a target date of resolution, if available (Request Levels 1 and 2). For less critical requests, the target resolution date may be more (Request Levels 3 and 4).

Response with Resolution or Targeted Release Date

The time MarcomCentral will provide a resolution or target date for resolution. For non-critical requests, the target date may be general, such as Q2 20XX (second quarter of 20XX).

Request Level Definition


The customer is unable to complete critical business functionality. Examples are: users unable to access the Portal or Admin Tool, users unable to access an output file, or users unable to complete an order.


The customer is able to complete core business functionality, but in a less optimal manner. A workaround may exist for the business functionality. Examples are: users unable to delete an item from Distribution, a user is unable to upload a FusionPro template to the Admin Tool, or a user is unable to upload images to the library.


The customer is able to complete business functionality, but not in a desired manner. A workaround usually exists or the issue is low impact. Examples are: the product proof preview is not showing low resolution or a user submits request for more efficient ways to build a template.


The customer can circumvent the problem and use the system with only slight inconvenience.

System Uptime

The Portal URL of MarcomCentral is monitored to determine the uptime of the application for customers. The monitoring involves checking the URL from 5 distinct geographic locations every 10 minutes to ensure successful response. The system will wait 30 seconds to receive a success message. If none is received, from any location or for any time frame, the check fails and a system alert is sent. The alert allows MarcomCentral to monitor the application and internet connections across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The standard response time is less than 30 seconds. However, on average, 30 seconds is an appropriate timeframe to avoid false positives and alerts are always significant. The system alerts are monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and responded to in a reasonable time frame.