Brand Consistency

Definition: Brand Consistency is ensuring that all customer touchpoints have consistent brand experiences. These are based on your Brand Guidelines and adhere to specifications in your Brand Identity.

How MarcomCentral Helps: Brands of all sizes maintain brand consistency by creating a single source of truth for all branded assets using MarcomCentral. These marketing materials can be customized by other departments, partners, or even vendors to suite specific audiences, while still adhering to the pre-approved guidelines set up by marketing.


Related Terms:

Brand Management

is a group of activities that companies use to create nurture and promote their brand to potential customers to increase sales and market share.

Brand Guidelines

are rules that an organization uses to ensure brand consistency for a particular identity.

Brand Equity

is the commercial value that comes from having a well-known and well-respected brand.

Brand Identity

is what you and your customers are presented with when they come across your brand.


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