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4 Distributed Marketing Success Stories That You Can Learn From

February 06, 2023
4 Distributed Marketing Success Stories That You Can Learn From

Organizations of scale often struggle to create and share on-brand messages to their various distribution channels. Fortunately, distributed marketing platforms provide businesses with the tools they need to overcome these challenges.

The following distributed marketing success stories highlight real-world uses of these platforms among several successful brands.

Why Did We Choose These Distributed Marketing Success Stories?

We wanted to demonstrate that distributed marketing success is possible across different industries and businesses of varying sizes. To do this, we identified four compelling case studies from vastly different sectors.

Our distributed marketing success stories include brands in:

  • Healthcare
  • Travel
  • Public sector
  • Hospitality/food service

Take a closer look at the gains each of these companies achieved.

4 Case Studies of Distributed Marketing Success

Wondering whether a distributed marketing automation platform would help your brand? See if your situation aligns with any of these distributed marketing success stories.

1. Delta Vacations

Delta Vacations maintains a small in-house agency that stays very busy. The team averages 3,000 projects per year, an intensive workload by any standard. Unfortunately, their limited resources made it nearly impossible to create enough marketing materials for each of the brand’s distribution channels.

To complicate matters further, the company’s sales team regularly requested new marketing materials. Unfortunately, the marketing team had no insights into which materials performed well and which didn’t.

Instead of developing materials based on data, marketing simply filled requests. This reactive approach did nothing for branding and ate up time that could have been spent on marketing strategy.

As if these challenges weren’t enough, the company was regularly going over budget due to print costs, taxing other valuable marketing resources. To solve this problem, the company needed to exert better control over how and where sales teams and partners printed marketing materials. 

Identifying a Solution

Before signing on to work with MarcomCentral, Delta Travel identified some must-haves:

  • Ease of use
  • Print-on-demand capability
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Advanced reporting

After reviewing several brands promising distributed marketing success, the company realized that MarcomCentral offers a branding asset management solution that checks every one of its boxes.

The Results

Thanks to MarcomCentral, Delta Travel now has much greater control over its printed assets. Their brand awareness has improved, and their marketing team spends much less time reacting to urgent requests. Even their budget is back on track, with a print-on-demand feature that includes expense tracking.

2. New York Public Library

How do you maintain the integrity of a brand while also forging and maintaining important connections to local communities? That’s the challenge the New York Public Library faced. Here is its story of distributed marketing success.

The New York Public Library has more than 90 locations, each serving a unique community. The library’s Director of Creative Services, Rachael Silva, wanted each branch to maintain its individual identity while maintaining enough branding strength to ensure that patrons experienced the unique feel of the New York library system.

This was difficult, as the various branches were creating their own communications material.

To make things more challenging, each branch struggled with a lack of training and resources. The result was a slew of disparate marketing materials inconsistent with the institution’s core branding and confusing for its patrons.

Uncovering a Solution

The library’s executives needed a centralized system that would allow staff at each branch to access branded assets and give branch managers some leeway to create their own materials. To make this happen, they needed to create clear branding guidelines and standards.

Ultimately, they decided they needed an online brand center. They wanted it to be more than simply a place to download assets — they envisioned a helpful resource that could be updated automatically and where new visuals could easily be promoted.

After researching several companies, the library’s executive chose MarcomCentral’s Marketing Asset Management tool. They now have a thriving, dynamic brand center available for use by both the library and its vendors. Branch managers use the resources there to create unique, on-brand marketing materials.

The Results

It was important for the library’s creative team to show that they were achieving an acceptable return on their investment. MarcomCentral’s branding asset management tool made this possible, as it allowed them to track the use and distribution of their resources.

3. Davita Kidney Care

Davita Kidney Care has more than 2,000 dialysis centers across the United States. Each of those locations needed to be able to access up-to-date branding assets to reach local customers. At the time, this duty fell to a team of just three people. 

Rather than waiting for what they needed, many field employees were simply creating their own printable materials. Not only were these materials not brand-compliant, but they hadn’t been approved by the company’s legal team, which created major issues.

Revealing a Solution

It was clear that Davita Kidney Care needed a central repository of assets that were brand-compliant and passed legal muster. The company chose MarcomCentral to accomplish that. What they got was a Marketing on Demand (MOD) platform that included the desired database along with sophisticated reporting capabilities.

The Results

MarcomCentral’s marketing asset management tool was so easy to use that Davita’s entire team adopted it easily. The centers are now using compliant assets across the board, and the marketing team isn’t struggling with making visuals available as needed.

4. Biggby Coffee

Not long ago, the growing franchise Biggby Coffee had a small graphic design team responsible for distributing brand assets to a large network of franchise owners. This meant handling 1,200 or more store-specific requests each month. Delays were inevitable, and they began frustrating owners.

Brewing up a Solution

Biggby chose MarcomCentral as their solution provider for a simple reason: they were confident that working with our team would reduce their workload. The company now uses dynamic templates to create branded assets that can easily be distributed to franchisees.

The Results

Today, Biggby’s graphic design team handles fewer direct requests, giving them more time to work on ad campaigns and other crucial projects.

Distributed Marketing Success with MarcomCentral

The four brands highlighted here have used our distributed marketing portal to manage and share brand collateral and in the process have been empowered to tell a clear, consistent brand story across various channels.

We’d love to make your brand one of our many distributed marketing success stories.

By working with us, you can ensure that each of your brand partners delivers a consistent message and give your sales and marketing teams access to the assets they need. Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about your options.