Brand Compliance

Definition: Brand compliance is the measurement of adherence to brand guidelines by employees, partners, or vendors. This measurement can be different for different markets, or change based on the overall scale of the branded efforts: national vs local marketing for example.

How MarcomCentral Helps: MarcomCentral is a single 24/7 location for all departments to get pre-approved marketing collateral. In addition, the platform offers bulk edits, giving marketing teams the ability to make logo changes across collateral all at once.


Related Terms:

Brand Management

is a group of activities that companies use to create, nurture and promote their brand to potential customers to increase sales and market share.

Brand Guidelines

are rules that organizations use to ensure brand consistency for a particular brand identity.

Brand Consistency

is ensuring that all customer touchpoints have consistent brand experiences.

Brand Identity

is what you and your customers are presented with when they come across your brand. This can include colors, design, logo and even messaging.


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