Through Channel Marketing

Definition: Through channel marketing is also known as indirect marketing. This is a B2B marketing strategy where vendors sell products through resellers, instead of directly to consumers. These channel partners do the work of selling the product to the actual customers, requiring deep marketing alignment. Through Channel Marketing Automation, is software that helps with this partnership alignment.

How MarcomCentral Helps: MarcomCentral can help by giving organizations a centralized brand portal. This brand portal can not only store approved marketing collateral for partners, but also give the partners the capability to customize those assets for their specific market. The vendor organization maintains brand control, while leveraging the partners’ expertise in their local market.


Related Terms:

Distributed Marketing

is a marketing strategy that leverages distributed channels, like local sales reps or franchises as marketing channels.  

Brand Consistency

is ensuring that all customer touchpoints have consistent brand experiences.

Digital Asset Management

is the process of organizing and managing company files, typically creative files  

Brand Guidelines

Rules that organizations use to ensure brand consistency for a particular brand identity. 


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