Digital Asset Management

Definition: Digital Asset Management, abbreviated DAM, is the process of organizing and managing company files, normally creative files like photos, graphics, videos, and brochures. DAM is also a common term for software that helps organizations organize files by keeping them all in a single location, with tools like tagging, filtering, and categories to assist in managing creative files.

How MarcomCentral Helps: MarcomCentral has a simple DAM system built in to help you manage your files. Load everything into the MarcomCentral DAM system and find those files fast.


Related Terms:

Brand Management

is a group of activities that companies use to create, nurture, and promote their brand to potential customers to increase sales and market share.

Brand Consistency

is ensuring that all customer touchpoints have consistent brand experiences.

Brand Identity

is what you and your customers are presented with when they come across your brand. This can include colors, design, logo and even messaging.

Brand Guidelines

Rules that organizations use to ensure brand consistency for a particular brand identity.


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