Franchise Marketing

Definition: Franchise Marketing is the strategy of marketing franchise organizations. Franchise organizations consist of the Franchisor who establishes brand name, branding look and voice, and the franchisee, who gains the right to do business as the Franchisor’s name and voice for a fee.

How MarcomCentral Helps: MarcomCentral is a distributed marketing platform: a single location where all franchisees can access approved brand collateral and customize that collateral for their local market.


Related Terms:

Distributed Marketing

is a marketing strategy that leverages distributed channels, like local sales reps or franchises as marketing channels.

Through Channel Marketing

is a B2B marketing strategy where vendors sell products through resellers, instead of directly to consumers.

Digital Asset Management

is the process of organizing and managing company files, typically creative files.

Brand Guidelines

Rules that organizations use to ensure brand consistency for a particular brand identity.


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