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Franchise Marketing

Are you keeping franchisees in the fold?

Franchise businesses account for 40% of retail sales and employ over 8 million people.* Ever wonder what would happen if this massive workforce went brand-rogue? It happens more often than you may think. Fortunately, using a MarcomCentral portal empowers you to control your marketing message, while allowing franchisees to create customized materials with hyper-local appeal.

*according to the United States Small Business Administration

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Centralize all your efforts

The need for your franchisees to access the latest materials from the field is an increasing demand – especially for new product information and special or seasonal offers. Implementing a single marketing intranet like MarcomCentral will allow you to connect corporate-compliant marketing assets like direct mailers, employee guidelines and customizable POS templates from one go-to, web-based source.
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Engage in new ways

MarcomCentral empowers franchises to empower franchisees with co-branded presentation templates, collateral, ads, emails, digital assets and more to pursue every possible revenue opportunity. They can also take advantage of dynamic customization and 1:1 personalization of content and imagery to re-engage existing customers and introduce services to new prospects.
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Attract new franchisees

A lot of organizations talk about making better franchisee connections. MarcomCentral clients know that this means ‘opening the doors’ to the latest and greatest output from their product and service marketing. Franchisees have even more confidence in their ongoing support and the effectiveness of their co-op dollars. There’s also something to be said for their reputations as open-minded, accessible organizations that are with them for the long haul.
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Maximize global connectivity

Unifying the look and feel of franchise partners across global boundaries could be one of your hardest challenges. Using MarcomCentral, you can instantaneously share marketing updates (product, service, imagery and more) while eliminating rogue silos of misinformation and cultural blunders that can cost customers and shatter revenue potential.
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Increase speed-to-market

Your consumer data is in continual ‘refresh’ mode. That’s why a web-based marketing solution like MarcomCentral is essential to matching the latest consumer data to the latest marcom for franchisees operating beyond corporate walls. MarcomCentral’s integration with Salesforce takes it a step further – empowering team members to share key CRM data to deliver more meaningful brand experiences based on the behaviors customers are demonstrating NOW.
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Master regulatory compliance

Meeting regulatory compliance from local, state, federal and international agencies is always on the agenda for franchise organizations like yours. MarcomCentral will help you equip teams across your organization with the most up-to-date marketing materials to avoid potential inconsistencies far beyond your line-of-sight.
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